Looking for Quality Dental Implants?

Dr. Robert D’Alfonso is proud to be partnered with the Great State Dental Lab. Great State is located just across the hall from Dr. D’Alfonso’s office and specializes in cosmetic dental restorations, including implants and implant-supported dentures.

By partnering with Great State, Dr. D’Alfonso is able to provide efficient and exceptional implant services. At some offices, your impressions and implant materials spend weeks in the mail as they are shipped to labs around the state and country.

Efficient and Professional Service

At Dr. D’Alfonso’s office, however, the entire procedure is done right here in Lakeway. Instead of mailing impressions and photographs to the lab, we simply walk them across the hall. Dr. D’Alfonso is also able to talk directly with lab technicians, letting them know exactly what you want. Furthermore, if you aren’t happy with the look or fit of a crown, bridge, or denture, you can walk across the hallway and speak with a technician yourself.

Our partnership with Great State Dental Lab is just one more way that we’re working to make our implant dentistry right for you. Contact Dr. D’Alfonso today to find out more about our implant services.