UT has had an impressive football season this year. As we look back on the exciting year, we want to highlight what we thought were some of the most memorable plays of the season.

1. The Wishbone Formation to Honor Coach Darrell Royal

During UT’s game against Iowa State, a few days after legendary UT Coach Darrell Royal passed away, the team ran its first offensive play from the wishbone formation Royal introduced to major college football in 1968. Instead of a run, Texas pitched the ball to Jaxon Shipley, who tossed it back to quarterback David Ash, who passed to tight end Greg Daniels for 47 yards. Texas ending up winning the game 33-7.

2. Alex Okafor’s Strip Sack

West Virginia was 4-0 coming into its game against UT. WV’s quarterback Geno Smith dropped backed to pass from his own nine, but instead, UT defensive end Alex Okafor got into the backfield, sacked and stripped the ball from Smith. Defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat fell on the ball in the end zone, and Texas tied the game at 21 in the second quarter. The play electrified the largest home crowd in Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium.

3. Goodwin’s 69-yard Score

UT’s game against Ole Miss was the first test of Texas’ offense to see if it could handle the pressure of a big game. After getting off to a slow start, the Longhorns got the ball to Marquise Goodwin on a speed sweep to the left. Tight end D.J. Grant and wide receiver Mike Davis opened the ally with blocks, and Goodwin put on a burst of speed to run just past the outstretched arms of four Rebel defenders. He raced 69 yards for his victorious score.

Just for Fun: The Halftime Show During Veteran’s Day Weekend

While we were enjoying the game against Iowa State, we loved the half-time show and how it paid tribute to each branch of America’s armed forces for Veteran’s Day.

We hope you have enjoyed UT’s football season this year as much as we have at Austin Dental Implants!

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