A Brand New Smile in Just One Day

Are you unable to eat your favorite foods or lack even the confidence to smile?

Dr. D’Alfonso can solve many dental problems in a single day — yes, just one day. This involves a principle known as “immediate loading,” whereby crown, bridge or denture implants are surgically put into place and functioning that same day. You may have heard this procedure referred to as same day dental implants.

For some patients, replacing their dentures or non-salvageable teeth with implants in one day can be a dramatic and life changing treatment. Dr. D’Alfonso is experienced in providing this type of treatment for patients after they’ve had a thorough radiographic and clinical evaluation.

Custom-Made Especially For You

Same day dental implant therapy is a highly advanced procedure. A key element to our success is having an onsite lab that can quickly fabricate custom crowns, bridges and dentures. The lab is just a few steps away, making it easy to confer with technicians about personalizing your treatment.

By having all the components under one roof, we can communicate better, shorten treatment time and produce better results. Dr. Robert D’Alfonso

Why Wait?

Don’t let problems with your teeth hold you back another day. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. Dr. D’Alfonso will discuss available treatment options and what type of dental implants are right for you.